Is Whympr free?


Laura Montoro


Is Whympr free?

Do I have to pay to access the Whympr app?

Wondering if the Whympr mobile app is free? That's an excellent question! It's time to answer it with transparency. First of all, you need to know that Whympr is the all-in-one reference app for preparing and sharing your mountain and outdoor outings. So, is Whympr free? We'll find out in this article. 

Feel like hiking, climbing, ski touring or mountaineering? At the top (no pun intended 😊)!  

Whympr is all the information you need in a single app, to prepare and share your mountain and outdoor outings.

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The basic Whympr application is free of charge 

Yes, the basic Whympr app is totally free. Isn't that great news? 👏

Whympr uses a freemium model. In other words, you can download the basic application onto your smartphone for free, as long as you have an iOS or Android system. 

What's in the free version? 

Lots of great stuff for preparing and sharing your mountain and outdoor outings. Let's take a look.

The free version of Whympr provides access to :

  • 300,000 route descriptions and points of interest worldwide
  • A filter by activity
  • Access to the Whympr community of enthusiasts on the app, track their outings and exchange ideas with them.
  • All French, Swiss and American avalanche bulletins
  • Access to slope layers 
  • A filter to see where the flora and fauna preservation zones are (and therefore avoid them on your outings 🙂 ).

Not bad for 100% free

Whympr and its free fireside version

A paid Whympr Premium version to prepare your outdoor outings like a pro

If you want to prepare your outdoor outings in the most comprehensive way, we recommend you take out a Whympr Premium subscription. 

In fact, you'll have access to many more essential features to help you prepare your hiking, climbing, ski touring or snowshoeing outings...

What does the Whympr Premium subscription include? 

All Whympr features are free and include : 

  • 300,000 route descriptions and points of interest worldwide
  • A filter by itinerary and activity
  • Access to the Whympr community of enthusiasts on the app, track their outings and chat with them.
  • All avalanche bulletins from France, Switzerland and the USA
  • Access to slope layers 
  • A filter to see where the flora and fauna preservation zones are (and therefore avoid them on your outings 🙂 ).

And all Whympr Premium features for a fee: 

  • Access to 10 national map bases such as IGN France, SwissTopo or USGS
  • The 3D view to view the various background maps in 3D
  • Offline mode for saving specific routes and maps and accessing them even without a network
  • Recording your tracks
  • Access to all your statistics (altitude gain/loss, distance, speed)
  • The ability to create and import GPX tracks
  • Access to your logbook to view your outings on a map and your statistics by activity
  • A filter to find itineraries by difficulty, rating, duration, altitude difference
  • All mountain weather conditions live
  • View all recent releases on the map
Whympr Premium to reach the top

What is the minimum subscription period? 

You can choose a 3-month or 1-year subscription.

This option is the most popular among our customers. In fact, you save 60% if you subscribe for 12 months instead of a quarter. 

How much does Whympr Premium cost?

  • 14.99 for 3 months 
  • 24.99 per year (or €2.08 per month)

Click here to see the price comparison.

Hiking in the great outdoors with Whympr

Try the Whympr Premium version free for 7 days

For 7 days, if you feel like it, you can test Whympr Premium to the full. You'll have access to all the features you'd normally pay for (see list above). You can cancel your free trial at any time.

You can then decide whether or not you want to subscribe. 

Note: After this 7-day period, paid features will no longer be available without a subscription, and it will no longer be possible to cancel your current subscription. 

Buying Topos Pro on Whympr 

You can also buy professional topos in packs or individually. These topos pros are itineraries designed by professionals. Whympr offers professional hiking, climbing and ski touring topos tailored to your needs. 

These professional topos are also available in hard copy in bookshops.

Take the VAMOS Topos, for example. They offer paper itineraries such as : 

Well, you can find them in Whympr. We've simply digitized them so they're right in your pocket, easy to access. 

Gautier Supper, shock climber and Whympr user

Special Italian card subscription 

Discover the peaks of Italy! 🇮🇹

At last, a real Italian topographic map. Whympr has digitized the Fraternali maps. These maps are one of the benchmarks for the Alps. They'll give you a detailed view of the whole of western Italy.

The subscription costs €24.99 and is currently only available on iOS (as of June 2023).

Subscribe to Italian maps and discover new peaks in the Alps. Easily plan your outings, create your own trail and discover new hiking and climbing routes.

⚠️ This subscription does not currently include the Dolomites.

The Italian mountains

Why a paid version: behind the scenes of the Whympr app

Beyond the fact that the paid version offers you many more features to accompany you on your outdoor outings, we wanted to give you a little behind-the-scenes insight into Whympr.

Whympr wouldn't exist without subscriptions

‍Our desire is to continue innovating in order to offer our users the only app that brings together everything you need to prepare and share your mountain or outdoor outings all in one. 

Without the Premium version, it would be difficult for us to exist. In fact, today more than 10 passionate people are hard at work on our mobile application to ensure that Whympr continues to evolve to accompany you on your outings. 

The teams are concentrating mainly on web development of the mobile application and on imagining new technological solutions. 

Another part of the team is responsible for strategy, design, marketing, customer support (5 days a week, 365 days a year) and business management. 

The Whympr team in Chamonix

Where's your money going? 

At its launch in 2017 and for 2 years, Whympr's founders didn't pay themselves. It was only after raising funds in 2019 that Tim MacLean and Xavier Bougouin were able to pay themselves a salary and start surrounding themselves with a crack team. 

In 2021, Whympr acquires Iphigénie, the benchmark mapping app, boosting our revenues.

Each subscription sale includes : 

  • Salaries for employees and freelancers
  • Other costs associated with running a business
  • App servers
  • Apple or Android commissions (15%)
  • Funding charities through our partnership with 1% for the Planet (1%)
  • For sales of topos: fees to pay the editor and publisher fairly

Whympr's business model 

Our business model also includes advertising in the app or in our newsletter. We choose the brands we work with very carefully. They are always mountain-related, so as to be aligned with the needs of our community. 

We don't sell your data!

Most free apps sell your data to third parties. At Whympr, we don't collect your data, except to find out what you like and improve Whympr.  

Under no circumstances will your data be passed on for commercial purposes. 

Whympr in action

Now you know everything!

So the answer to your original question is: YES, Whympr is free if you want to use the basic functions of the mobile app. And NO, it's not, if you want to treat yourself to the app's full potential to prepare your mountain and outdoor outings like a pro.

So for 2.5 euros a month, don't hesitate to subscribe for the whole year!  

Download Whympr for free now on the App Store and Google Play. ⛰️

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