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1° Le mur (sorties) sont les sorties faites et postées par les différents utilisateurs. Vous trouverez aussi sur cette page la météo et le bulletin d'avalanche (quand il y en a un) de votre localisation ainsi que des localités que vous aurez pré enregistré.

2° La page carte vous permet de visualiser les différentes cartes à disposition et de filtrer les différentes activités par exemple afin de trouver des Points d'intérêts (petits carrés bleus) dans lesquels des itinéraires sont liés. Pour trouver les topos il faut tapper sur le bouton "topos pro seulement".
Les descriptions de points d'intérêts et d'itinéraires proviennent de différentes sources comme les site C2C, Skitour ou les offices du tourisme.

3° Le "+" vous permet de faire des actions comme créer une trace, enregistrer un itinéraires, créer une sortie ou encore importer un GPX.

4° La boutique pas besoin d'explications.

5° Le profil est votre carnet de course, où vous retrouverez toutes les sorties que vous aurez créées ainsi que toutes les autres informations comme par exemples les itinéraires que vous avez sauvés, ou encore les personnes que vous suivez.
Vous trouverez aussi dans cette section les paramètres de l'app.

Whympr is free

At least in its discovery version. The discovery version gives you access to :

  • 100,000 route descriptions and points of interest worldwide
  • A filter by activity
  • Access to the Whympr community of enthusiasts on the app, track their outings and exchange ideas with them.
  • All French, Swiss and American avalanche bulletins
  • Access to slope layers
  • A filter to help you identify areas where flora and fauna are being preserved (so you can avoid them on your outings).

Not bad, eh? 😉 

The Premium version costs 24.99 euros per year. It lets you prepare and share your outings like a pro! It offers the following features:

  • Access to 10 national map bases such as IGN France, SwissTopo or USGS
  • The 3D view to view the various background maps in 3D
  • Offline mode for saving specific routes and maps and accessing them even without a network
  • Recording your tracks
  • Access to all your statistics (altitude gain/loss, distance, speed)
  • The ability to create and import GPX tracks
  • Access to your logbook to view your outings on a map and your statistics by activity
  • A filter to find itineraries by difficulty, rating, duration, altitude difference
  • All mountain weather conditions live
  • View all recent releases on the map

For more information, read our article: Whympr, is it free? 

See price comparison

The News Feed is the very first feature that appears when you open Whympr.

Here you'll find recently posted outings for all activities and all mountain ranges. They are posted either by Whympr users, or by users of other sites such as Skitour, for ski touring.

By clicking on the outing you'll find feedback on conditions, photos and even a GPX track shared by the user. You can chat with him or her in the comments section, or like the outing.

Click on " View route " for a description and information. If the route inspires you, you can put it in " To do " so that you can easily find it on your profile.

By clicking on the user's name, you can view their profileand choose to follow them. By following him, you'll receive a notification every time he posts a release on Whympr.

To return to the News Feed, simply click on " Outings " at bottom left. At the top of the news feed, you'll find information about your position, such as altitude and weather. Weather reports are available for the whole world and give the weather for the selected point of interest.

You'll also find the avalanche bulletin for your current location, if one is available in that area. In addition to your current location, you can bookmark the BERA and weather reports of other places for easy retrieval.

In the top right-hand corner of the news feed, you'll find the search bar to find an itinerary, a summit or a person.

Next to it you'll find a little notification bell that lets you see who's liked your release or who's posted on the app.

Here's a video to help you understand:

‍Tutorial answer!

The link is here if you can't click on the image: https: //

Here's a video made by one of our users, JR, to show you how to find ideas for mountain outings on Whympr :

If the video does not start, click on this link: https: //

You can easily create a trace on Whympr.

To do this, click on the "+" at the bottom center of the application and choose "create a track". You'll then find yourself on the map, geolocated by a blue dot. Tap on the screen to set your starting point. Using the "magic wand" tool in the bottom right-hand corner, the app creates the track using the most direct path between the points you place with your finger.

If you remove the magic wand tool, a straight line connects your points.

By choosing the drawing mode combined with the magic wand, you can draw a picture on the map with your finger, which Whympr transforms into a trail.

Drawing mode also works without the magic wand. You can draw a line on the map with your finger, and Whympr will turn it into a track, which doesn't necessarily have to follow paths.

At the top of each screen, you'll find the total number of kilometers and the positive and negative altitude difference of your track.

In the bottom right-hand corner, you can put your map in 3D, change the map background and display the slope inclination.

Once you've saved your track, you can find it in your profile under "Created tracks". You can also download it for online viewing or editing.

Finally, you can share your track by message, e-mail or other means.

This feature is available on iOS and Android.

Here's the tutorial:

The link is here if you can't click on the image: https: //

Topos Pro are routes written by professionals. Under the Topo Pro name, you'll find existing (or unpublished) topos, digitized with their authors. Available for purchase individually (just a route or sector) or as a pack (the whole book), you'll be able to read all the information you need for a ski outing.

Whether it's a quotation, a description, a corresponding base map and sometimes a GPS track.

A part of the sale of these topos is given to the author, as it would be the case for a paper topos.

While we're very sad to see you go, here's how to end your Whympr subscription:

On iPhone, go to your settings, then to your Apple account, and finally to your subscriptions. Here you can deactivate your subscription to prevent it from being renewed at the next expiry date.

On Android, go to the PlayStore, then to your profile (top right), then to the "Payments and subscriptions" section, and finally to "Subscriptions". Here too, deactivate your subscription to prevent it from renewing when it next expires.

Inside the book you've purchased, look for a page with a QR code to scan.

This will take you to a questionnaire to fill in, to which you'll need to attach proof of purchase of the book (receipt or bank statement).

Our team will process your request within a week and send you an e-mail confirmation once access to the digital topos is available in the app.

Whympr has a great augmented reality tool: the Peak Viewer. It lets you recognize the mountain peaks on your route in real time. 

This feature is currently only available on iPhone. To access it, go to the map screen and press the button on the right representing 2 mountains with a frame.

Do you want to protect wildlife too? First of all, thank you!

On the app, from the map screen, slide your finger to the left from the thumbnails at the top of the screen.

The last sticker concerns sensitive natural areas to be avoided.

It's easy to set your preferred locations on Whympr: from the app's main page, slide your finger left from the weather thumbnail at the top of the screen.

From there, you can select up to 4 favorite places, which you can then easily consult to see the current weather and avalanche bulletins.

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